International Sports Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Baseball and football are great national pastimes and all, but they don't involve using a cesta to hurl a rock-hard pelota doing 150 MPH at a wall now, do they? That particular pleasure is reserved for the fascinating game of jai alai, one of several international sports that can be bet on from offshore gaming sites. The world of sports has always transcended borders and now wagering on it can as well.

Betting on the World Cup and various British sports is not uncommon for some bettors, but even these enthusiasts have usually never considered betting on sumo wrestling. The classic Japanese ritual/sport can now be wagered on by Westerners with an internet connection. Even if you know little about the specifics of a sport, betting on these sports from around the globe can be a uniquely satisfying experience.

Crossing the International Sports Line

Betting can be a great carrot to lead you into learning about a sport that you've been curious about for some time. Once you have thrown your hat over the wall by putting money down on a sport, you owe it to yourself to scale the wall after it, learning the whys and wherefores of Formula 1 racing or curling. Opening yourself up to new sports can be a great way to remind yourself of what drew you to athletics in the first place.

Betting on these exotic sports also takes the pressure off of sports betting and returns it to its former status of entertainment. You may never learn enough to understand all the nuances of sumo, so why not bet blindly anyway, instead of sweating over points and picks and pucklines? Betting is at its most pure and fun when the bettor feels he has no way of determining the unknowable result and concentrates on enjoying the event itself, fingers crossed.

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