Las Vegas Sports Books

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Las Vegas sports books have always been the ultimate draw for true sports gamblers. The inundation of the senses that occurs when stepping into the sacred ground of the sports book wipes the rest of the world straight off the map. Time exists only in the form of the seconds ticking down on the game clocks of a hundred different sporting events.

Free drinks, no smoking restrictions and hundred of TVs add immeasurably to the appeal of these old school hangouts, but it is the ability to place bets that ultimately beckons travelers to these desert oases. Factoring in the odds, discretionary income and the temper of their spouses, sports fans queue up to the betting windows to test their luck and knowledge of the game. They return to their seat with a small slip of paper upon which their fate rests, to watch and wait.

Las Vegas Sports Books 24/7

Not everyone who wants to place a bet can get to Vegas, nor does everyone even want to. The lure of the great city is lost on many who still enjoy the thrill of a wager. For these fans, the appeal of online sports books is apparent. All adults, however, can use online gaming for those 362 days a year in which they are not in the entertainment capital of the world.

While there is no Wayne Newton to be found, placing sports bets online is quick and convenient and allows more time to be spent on other endeavors. Plus, most offshore sports books base their odds on the Vegas lines so the practical difference is all but nonexistent. Placing a bet on the Internet is a popular and entertaining way to get in on the action without using frequent flyer miles.

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