Ncaa Basketball Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The March Madness betting pool has become a staple of modern office life, and an event which millions of people eagerly anticipate each Spring. Newspaper pages sporting the tournament diagram are snatched up by people who might normally be hard-pressed to tell you what a power forward is. The NCAA basketball tournament is, along with the Super Bowl, one of the few times of the year at which the average American indulges in sports wagering.

The joys of betting on NCAA basketball, however, need not be confined to a few weeks of post-season play by the 64 teams who qualify for the tournament. College basketball is an easy and fun sport on which to wager throughout the entire season. Betting all season makes you vastly more knowledgeable about the game than your office brethren, so expect to clean up come March as well.

College Hoops Wagering for Fun (And Maybe Profit)

There is something undeniably purer and more satisfying about college basketball when compared with professional hoops. The players are younger and hungrier, and they just seem happy to be playing. Though their skill level may not be as high as that of the pros, the spirit of college athletes seems to exceed that of NBA players by leaps and bounds.

Wagering on these games can bring you courtside in a way that mere spectatorship cannot always accomplish. Betting on your collegiate alma mater is a uniquely satisfying experience, even if it has cost some of us more than we would like to admit. At the end of the day, the reason for betting on college basketball should be the same as the reason for playing it: for the sheer enjoyment of the game.

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