Nfl Football Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Professional football teams on the whole are much more similar in skill level to each other than collegiate football teams are to one another. There is a certain degree of parity that only money and a draft system can truly provide. There will always be some NFL mismatches, but this handy rule of thumb can be a godsend when it comes to wagering on professional football.

The spread is king in college football, where lopsided victories are more common, and thus more feared by Vegas odds makers. In the NFL, the spreads are relatively small and almost always covered. In fact, if you correctly pick the winner in an NFL game, about 80 percent of the time that team will cover the spread.

Smashmouth Football Betting

Betting against the spread in pro football is thus much closer to betting the money line than it is for college ball. It is nice to be able to concentrate on simply picking the winner rather than pulling your hair out trying to figure how many points you think Carolina will have to catch to make you a winner. If you ever wanted to risk pretending that the spread is the same as the money line, NFL football betting is where to try it.

Though the odds are posted Monday morning, waiting until Friday can have its advantages as well. Many online sports betting establishments offer "Nickel Juice Fridays," during which the house's cut is reduced from the standard 10 percent to the much more inviting 5 percent. As the hours tick down before kick-off, there are plenty of deals to be found in the world of NFL wagering.

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