Offshore Sports Gambling

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The presence of offshore betting websites makes it incredibly convenient to participate in a hallowed American tradition: sports wagering. The Internet has made it possible to place bets without going to a casino in Nevada or New Jersey. All it takes to get in on the action is a computer and a modem and a little spare change.

Through offshore sports gambling sites, you are able to bet on virtually any sport imaginable, including jai lai and greyhound racing. You can also wager on certain propositions, such as who will win the Super Bowl coin toss, or whether Peyton Manning will throw for over or under 280 yards. Wagering on the outcome of sports can be a great way to add excitement to some of America's favorite pastimes.

What Happens on the Net, Stays on the Net

No expensive and relationship-straining trip to Vegas is required to wager on your favorite team anymore, thanks to Internet entrepreneurs who operate sports books offshore. In fact, competition in the online betting industry is so fierce that there are great perks and bonuses to be found by looking around for the most customer-friendly site.

You may want to peruse the reviews and ratings of a site before setting up an account there. Another option is to set up two or three small accounts at competing companies and spread your bets among them, deciding for yourself which is the best fit. However you make the decision, pick a site that makes you feel comfortable and welcome, and remember that wagering is first and foremost entertainment.

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