Online Soccer Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Soccer is one of the most popular sports on which to bet in the entire world. As with everything related to the game referred to by the rest of the world as football, Americans are way behind the curve on the appreciation, enjoyment, and wagering of this sport. Soccer provides some unique betting opportunities that other sports don't have.

One of the most pronounced differences in soccer wagering is that one is allowed to bet that the final score will be a tie. As this outcome is very common in soccer, this adds a great deal of flexibility and security to the betting options. Wagering is also allowed on propositions such as the total number of goals scored in a particular game.

Bet It on Beckham

Online betting sites allow you to wager on sports and games that might never occur to you during a frenzied weekend in Las Vegas. You can take your time to research the players and the teams using the Internet, and then place your bets without ever logging off. Betting online is ideally suited to those sports which might lie a little outside of your comfort level.

The margins of victory in professional soccer are usually slim to nonexistent, so don't be surprised to see the spread posted at only one half of a goal. Watching a few games and seeing where the smart money goes will bring you up to speed quite quickly, and soon you'll be placing proposition bets on Madrid's chances of winning the next World Cup. Anyone who has ever complained about soccer being boring has never wagered a dime on this great sport.

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