Online Sports Betting Sites

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Wagering on sporting events has a history almost as long and storied as that of sporting events themselves. For millions, placing a wager on the outcome of a game adds immeasurably to its entertainment value. From office pools to friendly handshake "gentleman's bets," wagering is firmly embedded in our fabric of recreation and entertainment.

Until recently, however, Americans had to travel to Nevada or New Jersey to be able to place legal sports bets (unless they were lucky enough to live in one of the two states). Organized crime and fly-by-night bookmakers were all too happy to satisfy the consumer demand, and sports betting took on a somewhat tawdry air. Luckily, as it has for so many other parts of our lives, the Internet has created solutions that are clean, efficient and very consumer friendly.

Offshore Sports Wagering

Wagering is available via the Internet from many companies based in countries other than the United States. These companies cater to sports enthusiasts by adding special features and bonuses that add to the entertainment value of wagering. Professional sites run by seasoned veterans make you feel as if you are in Vegas without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Before you begin placing wagers, you must first open an account with a sports betting site. The customary way of doing this is through some sort of intermediary account. For instance, you may send an electronic funds transfer from your checking account to a service such as PayPal. The account at the betting site is then funded through your PayPal account, and you are able to commence wagering.

Some betting sites offer bonuses of 10 or 20 percent of your initial deposit when you open an account. This money is added to your account and cannot be withdrawn until you cycle through the deposited funds. This is a great way to get some extra value for your gaming dollar and may be one of the factors to consider when comparing sites. Bonuses for subsequent deposits are often available as well.

Finding the Best Wagering Site

There are many factors to consider when choosing a site at which to place your wagers, and a rash decision may end up costing you more than you bargained for. A savvy bettor will check to see how well the site is capitalized, the quality of the server, and even the stability of the country in which the company operates. There are sports betting review sites and message boards which can be invaluable tools to help you find out the types of experiences others have had at the site you are considering.

The best offshore sports betting sites have solid lines that do not sway back and forth on the whims of uniformed bettors who place large wagers. They also have contingency plans in place in case of heavy traffic or hacker interference. The time spent picking the right site for you is well worth it when you consider the value of worry-free wagering.

Placing wagers on sporting events is a great way to keep in touch with old college friends, exchanging jibes on message boards and two-minute warning interstate phone calls. A little friendly competition can add a layer of suspense and excitement to your normal weekend day and add interest to even the most boring match-ups. You may very well find that fun of the experience--and not the money you might win--is what keeps you coming back week after week.

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