Sports Betting Strategies

Written by Devin Flanigan
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There are as many theories and systems and strategies in the world of sports betting as there are sports bettors. However, they are not all created equal and it never hurts to try to learn from those who have already walked the path that you find yourself on. Having the right sports betting strategy could make all the difference in your mood when you walk into work on Monday.

For some, strategy involves knowing which sports to bet and which bets to place on those sports. Betting the run line in baseball, for instance, is a bet which attracts many people with its moderate risk-moderate reward structure. Betting the field in golf may also be appealing, as it allows you to win the bet if any of a great number of players wins the tournament.

Risk Vs. Reward

Not unlike a stock portfolio, the key to successful sports betting strategies is to know the level of risk with which you are comfortable. Perceived risk can be just as important as actual risk, if not more so. At the end of the day, most bets are created equal and carry equal risk. So the vast difference in the types of bets available is more of a reflection on how much risk you wish to perceive to take on.

Ultimately, the best sports betting strategy is the one which keeps you engaged, entertained and reasonably happy. The road to ruin in sports betting is to forget the entertainment value of it and focus solely on winning and losing. You should never bet more than you would be willing to spend on other entertainment and recreation purchases such as concerts, sporting events and vacations.

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