Usa Sports Bets

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Betting on sports in the USA is a part of our national fabric, as American as NASCAR and iPods. Ill-advised road trips to Atlantic City and regrettable bachelor parties in Las Vegas have traditionally been where the lion's share of this betting has taken place. Now, however, there is an option for sports betting that is not guaranteed to annoy your spouse: offshore sports bets.

Though the bettor still remains in his country of citizenship, the bet is placed in the country in which these online casinos operate. Using the Internet, bets can be placed from around the world on a myriad of sporting events. A few clicks of the mouse and it is as if Vegas has arrived on your desktop.

Fifty States, Countless Bets

A friendly wager can add untold excitement to a game, especially a lopsided pairing of teams. It is also an avenue for friendly competition among buddies from different schools and areas of the country, each betting on his or her hometown favorite. Office camaraderie and Sundays in front of the television can each be improved by some responsible betting.

Not all sports books are created equal, however, and not all countries are like the USA. Political and economic stability in the country where the sports book is located is a factor to consider when choosing a site. A little research and some low-risk experimenting can be a great asset in finding the right offshore gaming site for you.

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