World Cup Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The World Cup is the largest and most important sporting event on the planet, yet most Americans seem only vaguely aware of its existence. The best way to get an idea of how gargantuan the interest is in this king of all tournaments (without renewing your passport) is to spend some time in a large urban area while the Cup is being played. The roars of unbridled enthusiasm that erupt from the various immigrant enclaves as the games are played are thrilling to behold.

Betting on the World Cup dwarfs that of the Super Bowl, World Series and March Madness combined. Soccer and wagering fans from across the globe queue up to lay some money on their country or favorite team. Just as the Cup itself inspires patriotism and nationalism, so does the betting, with many a proud fan eager to put his money where his mouths is.

World Cup Fever

The bulk of World Cup wagering comes in the form of betting on specific matches, not unlike regular soccer or other team sport betting. Odds makers analyze the teams and lay odds that they hope will encourage the greatest number of potential bettors to place a wager. Behind each match, however, is a focus on who is advancing in the tournament, causing a March Madness-like mentality to take over.

Betting online on the World Cup is quite simple, as there are many offshore gaming sites taking wagers on this premier event. All the player needs to do is open up an account with an online sports book and transfer funds into that account. Once established, betting on individual matches and the entire Cup consists merely of a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Remember, what Americans call soccer, the rest of the world calls the greatest sport of all time.

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