Airmail Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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There is nothing tricky about airmail stamps, as the name tells it all. Basically, all mail that is to be sent by air requires some form of postage. Mail sent within the United States by air does not require an airmail stamp. However, mail that goes from the United States overseas requires an airmail stamp. Mail that travels within the United States requires standard US postal stamps or the equivalent.

The United States began using Airmail Service in 1918, as there was a need for prepayment on items being flown by air to other countries. This prepayment came in the form of an airmail stamp. If you can believe it, the first airmail stamp was the Curtiss Jenny that cost a mere 24 cents.

Airmail Stamps for International Mail

The post offices within the United States no longer sell airmail stamps to the public. However, they are issued for items being sent by air from the United States to foreign countries. If you were to bring a package to the post office to be sent from Connecticut to England, the postmaster would put an airmail stamp on your package for you after weighing your item.

You can learn more about the history of airmail stamps when you log onto the Web, as there are some excellent sites that delve further into this topic. Many hobbyists who enjoy stamp collecting find it interesting to collect some of the very first airmail stamps ever issued. You can certainly see how our postal system has evolved when you look at the first stamps printed in comparison to the stamps we now use on both our foreign and domestic mail.

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