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Written by Amy Hall
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I bet when you head to the post office to buy postage stamps, you don't put too much thought into this errand. However, if you were to stop a moment and think about how a stamp enables you to communicate with the rest of the world, you might want to know more about the history of stamps. For instance, did you know that the very first postage stamp for public use was issued in Great Britain on May 6, 1840?

Before the first postage stamp was issued, the recipient of the letter was the person who had to pay. Imagine having to pay every time you received a letter or a bill in the mail? If this were still the case, people would not give out their addresses because they would go broke paying for their mail.

Buy Postage Stamps that Are Fun

These days, you can buy postage stamps that have various designs on them. There are also postage stamps that are sold around the holidays that reflect the season, such as Christmas and Hanukkah designs. You may elect to buy stamps that have messages on them, such as stamps that are sold to raise money for charities.

The Breast Cancer Foundation has stamps out that cost a bit more than regular postage, with the proceeds going towards breast cancer research. There is a world of possibilities when you buy postage stamps that go beyond just the concept of sending your letter from point A to point B. The next time you stop at the post office, ask to see a selection of stamps, and you will likely choose something that differs from the norm.

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