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Written by Amy Hall
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If you live in modern day society, you are familiar with the concept of United States postage stamps. Every time you send a letter, a bill, or a package to someone else, you must buy stamps to cover the cost of transport. Thankfully, we now have a system in place that allows the sender to get the exact cost of sending a parcel, as well as pay for that parcel in advance.

Back in the days before stamps, the person receiving the package had to pay for the postage. This was done away with in favor of a plan that demanded prepayment on all mail. This has been the way we have sent mail in the United States for years and years, and there does not seem to be a new plan in the works.

Buy Stamps Online

A good many of us put off buying stamps because we cannot stand to wait in the long lines at the post office. Well, now we don't have to, because the Internet has opened up a whole new way of buying postage stamps. You can conveniently and easily log onto the Web, and purchase U.S. postal stamps, as well as many other types of stamps.

If you are a collector and want to buy stamps without the hassle of the long post office lines, the Internet is the place to go. You can purchase commemorative stamps, collectible stamps, charity stamps, and more through online sites that specialize in stamps and philately. Say goodbye to the days of waiting in ridiculously long lines at the post office just to buy a book of stamps.

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