Collectible Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Collectible stamps do not necessarily have to be expensive stamps that will set you back in order to get your hands on them. In fact, collectible stamps could be any type of stamp that is of interest to you personally. Perhaps you like collecting war stamps, as you find their historical nature sentimental in some special way.

Some people love to collect commemorative stamps that showcase a special person or event in history. Commemorative stamps tend to be slightly larger and more colorful than regular United States postage stamps. The very first commemorative stamps in the United States were issued in 1893 to honor Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World.

Collectible Stamps with Historical Value

Definitive stamps are the most common types of stamps printed for use on regular mail. Typically, you will find that these stamps have pictures or symbols of flags, presidents, kings, queens, or other national leaders. These stamps are printed in large quantities, and they are available for sale for a long period of time.

Other collectible stamps include charity stamps that are sold at a higher price than the postal value of the stamp. Proceeds go to certain charities, such as the Red Cross, sports organizations, war victim funds, or breast cancer research, to name a few. These stamps are also referred to as semi-postals, and they can be used on any mail.

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