Commemorative Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Commemorative stamps very quickly turn into collectible stamps, because once the original printing has been sold out, they are typically not reissued. This means that people who are avid stamp collectors must act quickly to get these popular stamps before they sell out. The price for such stamps is equal to the standard first class postage rate, but many hobbyists pay more once the stamps are sold out.

Stamp collecting is a fun pastime that offers participants a bit of history, culture, art, and entertainment all in one package. Many commemorative stamps are printed to honor a special event, a famous person, or an anniversary. One of the appealing facets to commemorative stamps is that they are larger and more vibrant in color, and their design tends to be more sophisticated than regular postage stamps.

Buying Commemorative Stamps for Your Collection

If you have your heart set on a certain commemorative stamp, but cannot seem to find it anywhere, you might want to try the Web. Many collectors buy and sell stamps with each other via certain sites that are dedicated to philately. Perhaps another stamp collector has the Elvis stamp you want, while you may have the anniversary stamp of 9-11 that he or she wants.

Most commemorative stamps sell out within a few months of their printing. If you know there is a specific stamp on the market right now that you want, it is wise to act fast because you do not know how challenging it may be to get your hands on it once it sells out. Your best bet is to snatch up the commemorative stamps you really like as soon as they are issued for public sale.

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