Confederate Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Confederate stamps are a hot commodity in the world of philately. Many avid stamp collectors specifically seek out stamps that depict the years of strife when many of the Southern states seceded from the nation. The Confederate States of America came into existence on February 4, 1861, when six of the Southern seceding states came together to form their own central government.

Eventually, other states joined the Confederate States of America (CSA). The United States Postal Service, however, continued to handle the mail for these seceded states until June 1, 1861, when the Confederate service took over this task. New rates were instated and on October 16, 1861, the first Confederate stamps finally appeared. The first two Confederate stamps were a five-cent green of Jefferson Davis, and a 10-cent blue of Thomas Jefferson, which were imperforated.

Collecting Confederate Stamps

If you lose track of time when you are reading up on American history, Confederate stamps will likely appeal to you. In 1863, a George Washington stamp was printed but only saw limited use. Genuinely used copies of the George Washington stamp are worth 8 to 10 times more than what the mint copies are sold for in today's market.

There are also Confederate covers, which may be of interest to you, that depict certain scenes in history. There are prisoner-of-war, soldier, flag, and many other graphic covers that beautifully illustrate the history upon which our country grew. Look online at some philately sites if you are interested in learning more about Confederate stamps, as well as buying and selling for your collection.

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