Duck Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Another name for duck stamps is Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps, which are produced by the United States Postal Service for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. These stamps are not actually used for postage, however. Duck stamps are pictorial stamps, which were originally created in 1934 as the federal licenses required for hunting migratory fowl.

Today, duck stamps serve an even bigger purpose. The monies raised from the sale of Federal Duck Stamps are used for wetland conservation. For every dollar raised, 98 cents goes towards the purchase or lease of wetland habitats for protection in the National Wildlife Refuge System. As you can clearly see, duck stamps have been very successful at helping with conservation and saving many of America's natural resources.

The Purpose of Duck Stamps

Duck stamps serve another purpose aside from raising money for conservation. A current year's Federal Duck Stamp is also an entrance pass for National Wildlife Refuges, which normally costs money for admittance. Many people who are involved with philately consider Federal Duck Stamps to be collectible stamps, as they are highly prized.

There are numerous duck stamps today that are produced by individual states. Some of these stamps are produced solely for stamp collecting purposes, while others actually serve as a means to raise money for conservation. You can purchase duck stamps at post offices throughout the country, as well as through the Internet and at many sporting and hunting stores.

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