Information On Stamp Collecting

Written by Amy Hall
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Probably the most helpful resource for finding information on stamp collecting is the Internet. Of course you could always purchase some books that deal specifically with philately, but a book can only hold so much information. The Web, on the other hand, has numerous sites that not only discuss stamp collecting in general, but also talk about the history of stamps, error stamps, first day covers, stamp dealers, stamp collecting supplies, and so much more.

When you log onto the Web and look up information on stamp collecting, you will probably feel overwhelmed with the number of sites that pop up onto your screen. The good news is that many of these sites also supply helpful links that can take you to other sites of interest. I have found that researching practically any topic is much easier than it used to be even 10 years ago, because the Internet puts such a wealth of information right at my fingertips.

Finding Information for Stamp Collecting Via the Web

Of course you need to be careful when you are researching information on stamp collecting via the Web, as you want to make sure you are getting accurate information. Fortunately, you can browse through various sites to compare information about a specific topic. For instance, if you were looking up the history of postage stamps, you could compare dates between various sites to check for inaccuracies.

If one site claims that the first stamp was issued for use in France, but five other sites say that Great Britain was the first country to issue a stamp, you would be able to deduce that the first site contains misinformation. I find that being able to compare the facts among various sites helps me to come to my own conclusions much more quickly than if I were to have to look up similar information in five different texts. The world of stamp collecting is diverse, and you might be surprised to learn just how many people are dedicated to this pastime.

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