New Postage Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Although new postage stamps may not seem as intriguing because they lack the history associated with old stamps, they can still be quite unique. In fact, many new stamps that are issued today depict famous scenes from our country's colorful history, such as from the sixties era or a significant war. In addition, many dedicated stamp collectors find new postage stamps to be a wonderful way to update their entire collection without paying a hefty price.

Keep in mind that new stamps will become more coveted as time moves along. The stamps that you may buy today to preserve in your stamp album may become highly sought-after stamps 20 years from now. Therefore, it is wise to treat all of your stamps with the same loving care that you would normally reserve for your old stamps, which may be higher in value at the present moment.

Add New Postage Stamps to Your Collection

Of course there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to collecting new postage stamps. You do not have to choose stamps that everyone else seems to be choosing, but rather you should pick stamps that speak to you for one reason or another. If you were a history buff, you would probably derive great pleasure from collecting stamps that illustrate important events in our country's history. Such events could be the first man on the moon, the Civil War, the age of the flower child, and so on and so forth.

New postage stamps can still commemorate people and events from way back in history, which is why it can be great fun collecting them. New stamps often cost much less than old or rare stamps, so this can also be an economical way to expand your collection. You can visit your local post office if you want to see which new stamps will be issued this coming year, or you can log onto the Web and browse through some online catalogs.

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