Old Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Old stamps are generally in high demand by collectors, so as you can imagine, the cost for such stamps can be quite expensive. Hobbyists who thoroughly enjoy the art of stamp collecting find that old stamps carry with them a sense of nostalgia and history that newer stamps do not. Old stamps offer up the opportunity to relish in the history of certain events or famous people that have had a profound effect on America.

If you are new to stamp collecting, you may wonder how to tell what the value is of a specific old stamp. Well, you could look online and visit some reputable sites that pertain solely to philately, or you could look in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue for values. Half the fun of collecting old stamps is learning about their history as well as their monetary value in today's market.

You may find it amazing that stamps that once sold for five cents now go for thousands of dollars in today's market. Many stamp collectors strictly buy old stamps in order to resell them at a profit. However, a good many collectors buy old stamps for their nostalgic value and they hold onto them for life. If you want to collect old stamps for your own enjoyment, it is wise to invest in a good album that can keep them safe from further wear and tear.

Nostalgic Old Stamps

There are some online sites that offer catalogs for visitors to browse through to get a glimpse at some of the older stamps. You may find a stamp online that is worth a great deal of money, only to discover that you already have it in your collection. Moments such as this make stamp collecting even more fun, because sometimes you realize that you are the proud owner of a rare stamp that not only has its own history, but also demands a high price on the market.

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