Written by Amy Hall
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Philately is the official term for the hobby of stamp collecting. People all around the world appreciate the history and art that goes into the making of stamps and enjoy this pastime. Avid stamp collectors see much more than just a symbol of paid postage when they look at both new and old postage stamps from America as well as other foreign countries.

Stamps carry historical significance, which is often represented by their frayed edges and their pictorial illustrations. There are stamps that commemorate the wars that the United States has been involved with, the political leaders who have shaped our country, as well as famous celebrities such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Collecting stamps is a fun and wholesome hobby that both children and adults can enjoy.

The Art of Philately

Those who collect stamps see a story behind each and every stamp in their album. Even postage rates have changed so dramatically through the years that it can be amusing to see how much less it cost 50 years ago to send a letter in comparison to today. Sending a letter today will set you back 37 cents, whereas 100 years ago it may have only cost you two cents. We are sure to see changes in rates as the years go by, and future stamp collectors will one day marvel at how cheap it was to send a letter in the year 2004!

Philately also teaches us a little bit about travel and geography, as there are numerous stamps that highlight foreign places. Stamps from foreign countries are exotic, as they give us a small glimpse into their culture, and perhaps coax us into learning more. Maybe when you see a stamp from a faraway place such as New Zealand, you will want to one day make a voyage to the country with the unique stamp.

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