Post Office Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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The introduction of post office stamps was a godsend as far as most people were concerned. Postage stamps meant that people who were on the receiving end of mail no longer had to fork up the cash for postage and handling. Certainly there were probably people who were captivated by stamps for their art and history, which extended far beyond the fact that postage stamps offered convenience.

If you think about mail now, don't you still get excited when you receive an unexpected letter or postcard? I know I am thrilled whenever I receive anything other than bills in my mailbox, so a letter or a catalog is absolutely a welcome treat. Back in the day before stamps, the person receiving these letters had to pay for them, which was not always a welcome treat.

Post Office Stamps Offer Convenience and So Much More

Commemorative stamps are favorites among stamp collectors who thrive on these unique stamps that represent a historical event, a famous person, or an important anniversary. Those who make philately part of their everyday lives often seek out specific commemorative stamps to add to their stamp collecting albums. Commemorative stamps honor famous leaders, wars, celebrities, or places.

Regardless of the reason for your fascination with stamps, you are surely joined by millions around the world. Stamp collecting is a fun pastime that teaches hobbyists about history, travel, and art. Some old stamps are rare finds that are very valuable, while other stamps are enjoyable merely for their graphics. Whatever your reasons for collecting post office stamps, the chances are good that you participate in philately for the sheer enjoyment of it.

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