Postage Stamp Collecting

Written by Amy Hall
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Postage stamp collecting is a favorite pastime among both children and adults who appreciate the stories behind stamps. If you look at a stamp and you see a whole world of possibilities behind it, you have a love for philately in your blood. For those who practice stamp collecting, a stamp is not just a stamp.

A stamp collector sees an exotic place and a mysterious culture when he looks at a foreign stamp with a picture of a foreign landscape on it. Immediately his mind wanders to that foreign place, and he finds himself curious about the people, the language spoken, and even the climate of that country. He may even be compelled to sit down at his computer and look up some facts about this foreign place, so he can better understand the country behind the stamp.

Postage Stamp Collecting for Those with Inquiring Minds

Postage stamp collecting is a wonderful hobby that peaks one's interest in places and people beyond one's own borders. When you look at stamps in this light, you can clearly see that they represent so much more than a means to an end, i.e. getting your letter from point A to point B unscathed. Collecting stamps is a way to track not only the development of stamps in our own country, but also the development of stamps around the world.

Perhaps you have your very own favorite stamp that you would never part with in a million years. Maybe you have numerous stamps that you cherish so dearly that you would never let go of them, even for a hefty profit. Many people who relish philately do so purely for the pleasure they get out of collecting old and rare stamps, as well as new stamps that will someday be considered historical.

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