Postage Stamp Prices

Written by Amy Hall
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Postage stamp prices are not always what they appear to be. New postage stamps are generally worth the amount printed on their face. However, old stamps can be worth much more than the monetary value printed on the front. Rare stamps are often worth thousands of dollars, which is amazing when you stop to consider that the original price might have been 10 cents.

There are numerous ways you can find out more about postage stamp prices and their resale value. You could check out some informative websites to get a better idea, or you can contact some reputable stamp dealers who may be able to guide you in the right direction. Many stamp companies offer online catalogs that allow you to browse and find out pertinent information behind certain stamps, including their monetary value.

Figuring Out Postage Stamp Prices

The challenge of figuring out postage stamp prices becomes a bit more difficult when you have a stamp before you from a foreign country. Again, you can look to the Web for assistance in this matter, because there are various sites that can translate for you the language printed on the stamp. Furthermore, many of these sites can also fill you in on the value of the stamp in question.

The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue is another invaluable source for those who are interested in stamp collecting. You can find out a wealth of information about stamps in this catalog, including both foreign and domestic stamps. The catalog is also printed in various languages to accommodate stamp collectors from around the world.

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