Rare Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Finding rare stamps is somewhat more challenging than finding other stamps, such as duck stamps, Confederate stamps, or commemorative stamps. However, they can still be found with a little perseverance on your behalf. When you finally find that rare and unique stamp after much investigating, you are likely to appreciate it that much more.

The funny thing about rare stamps is that they are considered highly valuable even though they are typically flawed in one way or another. Error stamps have deviations from the norm that occurred during production. This means that the coloring could be off, the perforations are imperfect, or the illustrations are not centered properly. It can be difficult distinguishing an error stamp from regular stamps.

Rare stamps that contain errors are typically pulled from further sale, which makes them highly collectible. When the supply goes down, the demand tends to go up, and therefore so does the price. Some rare stamps can fetch thousands of dollars, which is a dream for a collector who unknowingly paid much less and discovers he is in possession of a gem.

Rare Stamps Can Fetch Thousands of Dollars

To learn more about rare stamps, you can check out numerous publications that are dedicated to stamp collecting. Other places to look for these stamps are online, at flea markets, and possibly in your own home. Some families hold onto letters for years and years, and these letters could potentially be attached to some rare stamps worth a great deal of money.

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