Stamp Collecting - Become A Philatelist

Written by Amy Hall
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Stamp collecting, also known as philately, is a pastime enjoyed by many. However, people who do not understand the fascination with stamps also largely misunderstand this hobby. When you stop to really think about it, practically every one is a collector of something, whether it is stamps, coins, or antique teapots.

What may seem absurd to one person is absolutely captivating to another. Does anyone really need to collect anything? Not really. Yet somehow we all seem to have that tendency towards certain things that intrigue us, whether that thing is a rare stamp or a fine piece of china. Stamp collectors relish their hobby, and they actively seek out new and unusual stamps to add to their stamp collecting albums.

If you are still not convinced, try to think of stamp collecting in a whole new light. Picture a postage stamp from another country far away, making its way to America via camel, train, horse-drawn carriage, airplane, and postal truck. Think of how that stamp was put through the rigors of handling, from one country to the next, until it arrives in one piece in your mailbox, affixed to a postcard or letter. I like to think about stamps as foreign and exotic, as they travel to places I know I will never see in this lifetime.

The Joy of Stamp Collecting

If your interest is peaked, I must be doing my job well. Stamp collecting is a joyous pastime that offers participants a chance to learn a little bit about history, art, and foreign places. Commemorative stamps are interesting in that they depict a moment, event, or significant person in history that is worthy of having a stamp made in their honor.

There are also collectible stamps that you can purchase and hang on to, hoping that over time they will continue to rise in value. Most people who collect stamps do so for the sheer fun of it, without putting too much thought into making a profit. Hobbyists who collect stamps love to learn about the stories behind their stamps, as well as explore the world behind the production of stamps.

Stamp Collecting Is an Affordable Hobby

Fortunately, if your interest lies with stamps, you are in luck, because stamp collecting is not an expensive hobby. You can actually buy stamps that are over a hundred years old, for a little more than a dollar. Imagine that, buying a piece of history for such little money? There are not many hobbies out there that are as affordable and fun as stamp collecting, never mind educational.

Every time you collect an old stamp, you will likely be curious enough about its origins to read up on the history of that stamp. Collecting stamps introduces history into your world, as you cannot help but wonder who was the first person to use the stamps in your collection. Perhaps a president, a queen, or a famous movie star once handled the stamp that is now in your album.

There are a multitude of sites online that specifically discuss the art of stamp collecting, as well as give sources for buying stamps and beginning a stamp collection. You can purchase stamps online, as well as tools that go hand-in-hand with this hobby. Don't forget to buy an album to house all of your collectible stamps, as this will keep them safe from water damage and everyday wear and tear. Most of all, have fun. Collecting stamps should be an enjoying and relaxing pastime that continually introduces new facts about history, people, and places into your life.

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