Stamp Collections

Written by Amy Hall
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Stamp collections are growing all over the world as you read the words on this page. More and more people are becoming involved in philately because they derive such pleasure from this popular pastime. Collecting stamps is downright fun, and there is a story to be learned behind every single stamp.

We tend not to think much about postage stamps, beyond the fact that they allow us to send letters to faraway places. Once we affix the stamp to the envelope and drop it in the mail, we usually don't give it another thought. Our postal service is so efficient that rarely does mail get lost and not reach its destination. Stamps are a big part of the puzzle, as we would still be doing this the old-fashioned way without them.

Way back in the days before postage stamps, the person receiving the letter was the one who had to pay for its postage. Imagine how costly that could be? I would imagine that many people would hide from the postman when they would see him coming down the road with a bag full of mail. Stamps were a welcome change back then, and they still continue to make our lives easier.

Having Fun with Stamp Collections

Philately is an enjoyable pastime that not only teaches us about history, geography, and art, but also provides both children and adults with a fun hobby. When stamp collections are preserved inside albums, they become treasured family memorabilia that can be passed down between generations. If you love to collect stamps, you are in great company. The name of the game is to have fun and collect the stamps that appeal to your interests the most.

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