Stamp Collectors

Written by Amy Hall
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You might be surprised to learn who stamp collectors are. Stamp collectors come from all walks of life, and they are both young and old, and every age between. Doctors, teachers, scientists, historians, writers, lawyers, and policemen are all stamp collectors. There is no one "type" that takes an interest in philately, as this hobby is enjoyed by many.

Children love to collect stamps just as much as adults do. In fact, many avid stamp collectors that are in their golden years began collecting stamps as youngsters. When children are introduced to stamp collecting at a young age, they learn to appreciate the value in a stamp that extends beyond its monetary price.

Those who collect postage stamps from all over the world get the opportunity to hold a piece of history or art in their hands. Imagine holding a stamp in your hand that came from a far off corner of the world, in a place that you never even knew existed? It would feel like you were connected to that foreign place, simply from holding that country's stamp.

Stamp Collectors Are Everywhere You Look

Many people believe that philately is a gift. Stamp collecting is a noble hobby that keeps kids interested in learning. Stamps represent history and art and geography, and they appeal to our artistic side. One of the best presents you could give a child is a stamp-collecting album with a few stamps already nestled inside. The chances are good that in a few years, that same child will have the album filled to the brim with stamps from all over the world.

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