Stamp Prices

Written by Amy Hall
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Sometimes it can be a little more difficult finding out stamp prices than you would think. Not all stamps are valued at their face cost, meaning that a rare stamp that says 10 cents on the face may actually go for thousands of dollars at an auction. Likewise, stamps that are newly printed and are used for first class postage typically cost the same amount of money that is listed on their faces.

If you are a big stamp collector, you may find yourself wondering about stamp prices more than the average person. You may even be in possession of some rare stamps that you do not even know about yet.

If you have a certain stamp in your collection that you don't know the price of, you can contact a dealer or look it up in a catalog. You can also log onto the Web and type in the stamp identification number on a search engine, and find your answer that way.

Determining Stamp Prices

Overall, you can find the price of just about any stamp with a little bit of research. You may also want to look at the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue to get pricing information about stamps, as well as background information and a little history. Most collectors have some coveted stamps in their possession, many of which are expensive. To learn more about stamp pricing, check out some informative sites on the Web.

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