United States Postage Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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What comes to mind when you think of United States postage stamps? Anyone not involved in philately probably just thinks of stamps as the only way to get a letter from Point A to Point B. However, for the stamp-collecting enthusiast, postal stamps represent so much more.

For instance, many serious collectors spend years searching for rare stamps that are as valuable monetarily as they are historically. It just so happens that there are some rare stamps floating around that could rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction. Many collectors who are just starting out with this enjoyable hobby do not even realize the magnitude of this pastime.

Some stamp dealers have spent a good portion of their lives researching stamps and learning about the origins behind stamps all over the world. Rare stamps are hard to come by, but every now and again some unsuspecting collector strikes gold. The best part of collecting United States postage stamps is that you will never get bored, as new stamps are being issued all the time.

Have Fun Collecting United States Postage Stamps

Even if some of the postage stamps you collect don't have any great monetary value, they can still remain near and dear to your heart. If you love anything that has to do with some of the wars fought both domestically and abroad by Americans, you probably have a large collection of wartime stamps. Confederate stamps would likely fall under this category. There are also travel stamps, art stamps, commemorative stamps, animal stamps, and much more.

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