Us Post Office Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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These days, you can buy U.S. post office stamps at places other than the post office. I know the first time I realized I could buy stamps in the grocery store I was thrilled. My elation stemmed from the relief that I no longer had to stand in unbearable lines at the post office, merely to purchase postage stamps.

People who collect postage stamps are also thrilled that they don't necessarily have to wait in those long lines either. Commemorative stamps are a big deal among collectors, even if they are not considered highly valuable monetarily. Furthermore, first day of issue stamps are highly sought after among many collectors. But unfortunately, in this case, you may have to go wait in those lines to get what you want, when you want it.

U.S. Post Office Stamps Are More than Just Stamps

You can also go to the post office to pick up your duck stamps if you are planning on doing any migratory waterfowl hunting this year. These stamps are necessary for your permit, as without one you will not be allowed to hunt. Likewise, purchasing these duck stamps also contributes money to conversation, which is a bonus for those organizations trying to protect wetlands and animals simultaneously.

Don't forget about Confederate stamps, which are highly collectible. When you think outside of the box, you realize that U.S. post office stamps are much more than just stamps. They are little pieces of history in the making, which can be enjoyed now, and well into the future.

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