Us Postage Stamps

Written by Amy Hall
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Many people are not aware that there are actually numerous types of U.S. postage stamps. Since the first stamp was sold in the United States in 1847, numerous types have been created and released for public sale. The one stamp that has lasted throughout history has been the Definitive, also known as the regular-issue stamp. This stamp is responsible for getting mail to its final destination without any problems.

The commemorative stamp is another type of US postage stamp that is issued to honor a special person, event, or anniversary. These stamps are printed on a smaller scale, and therefore can be considered highly collectible. Unsold commemorative stamps are typically destroyed, so it is wise for the collector to buy some while the getting is good.

Types of U.S. Postage Stamps

Semi-postals are stamps with an additional surcharge that helps to raise money for a specific cause. The Breast Cancer Semi-Postal came out in 1997. That was followed in 2002 by the Heroes of 9/11 Semi-Postal, which raised money for the families of emergency personnel killed during duty. As you can clearly see, these stamps hold much significance, because they help others in need.

There are also airmail stamps that are typically used for mail flying across the ocean to foreign countries. Then there is the postage due stamp, which indicates the amount of money due the post office when the sender put insufficient postage on the letter. To learn more about the various U.S. postage stamps, log onto the Web and check out some informative sites on philately.

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