Backyard Trampoline Safety

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Almost every page on this site discusses some aspects of backyard trampoline safety. Here we discuss it exclusively. While trampolines are tremendous fun, they can also be dangerous. It would make good sense to print this page and keep it nearby the trampoline to review periodically.

Rules for Backyard Trampoline Safety

The first rule of backyard trampoline safety is to always have a spotter. Children under the age of 15 should always have adult supervision. Never allow more then one jumper at a time on the jumping surface. Never dismount the trampoline from a jump. These are the cardinal rules of backyard trampoline safety!

Never attempt to do mid-air summersaults or flips. These can cause serious head and/or neck injury. If you think you're skilled enough to attempt these kinds of maneuvers, seek the assistance of a certified trampoline coach and a controlled environment. Never jump while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The reasons should be obvious.

Never jump from a roof or other structure onto a trampoline. Have a trampoline enclosure installed to prevent falling off of the trampoline. Never let children see adults breaking the rules of backyard trampoline safety (as in the picture above). The worst thing an adult can do is to tell a child one thing and let them see you do another. Eventually they will try the unsafe behavior for themselves. Also note that the people in the picture are jumping without trampoline safety pads and without a trampoline enclosure. This picture is a great example of many things you should never do.

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