Bounce Boards

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Bounce boards are accessories for your backyard or water trampolines that most would call an extreme sport enthusiast's trampoline dream come true. This is a soft, flexible foam device that attaches to your feet and looks similar to a skateboard, wakeboard, or snowboard. New and more exciting tricks can be performed using bounce boards, and the creativity will come pouring out of you.

Bounce Boards Are Only for Advanced Users

Bounce boards aren't for everyone. This is a difficult and challenging sport to master, and should only be performed by very experienced and skilled jumpers. Your feet are attached to the board and you jump without the ability to gain control of your landing by spreading your legs. For many people this may seem impossible, yet for the extreme sport enthusiast it's a challenge that must be attempted and mastered.

Many would say that people who enjoy extreme sports have a death wish. If the users of bounce boards don't follow the safety guidelines that the manufacturer recommends they will prove that impression true in short order. This can be an extremely dangerous sport with all safety measures taken, and it would be completely foolhardy to ignore the safety guidelines.

Never jump alone. Never use bounce boards to jump off of the land trampoline. Never attempt summersaults or flips. Never jump onto the trampoline from some other place. Wear protective pads. Keep out of reach of children. These may sound like very restrictive rules, but they can save your life, follow the rules!

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