Exercise Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Trampolines are becoming more and more popular. Kids adore them, and they're great for any kind of community center where fun and exercise are on the menu. Trampolines can provide low impact fun and exercise for all ages. Adults are discovering how a trampoline can help them to keep fit in a fun way, without the huge effort that is usually required to commit to other forms of exercise.

Using a trampoline is suitable for any level of fitness. You are always in control. Basically, the higher you bounce, the more exercise you are getting. Nevertheless, exercise on a trampoline is always low impact, and this is why it's of such great benefit to so many people. Rebounding is an excellent way of improving and increasing oxygen uptake by all the cells of the body.

Rebounding for Depression

This can have a remarkable effect on how a person feels, how well the body works, and even how it looks. In addition to reducing body fat and firming muscles, many people find that even their morale improves. Exercise is an excellent way of combating depression, and rebounding is one of the easiest ways of reaping the benefits.

For the weak or the sick, trampolines can still be an option. It is possible to fit a mini trampoline with a stabilizing bar, for anyone who is able to stand. For someone who is too weak even to stand, it is possible for them to sit or lie on the trampoline while someone else gently bounces. The patient will benefit greatly from this gentle movement and it can be a major factor in a quick recovery.

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