Inflatable Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Some inflatable trampolines are intended for use on the water, and some on land. They vary between 11' and a whopping 25' in diameter. Water trampolines come with a whole range of accessories that will enable you to create your very own water park. You can get smaller bouncers without springs that won't provide the same level of bounce, and they will still provide hours of fun for less expense.

One of the biggest advantages to having inflatable trampolines is that they're so easy to assemble. Manufacturers claim that with an electric pump, you can have your inflatable trampoline up and operating within minutes. One good reason for choosing an inflatable trampoline though, is the fact that it's much safer than a regular trampoline for use by children.

Safety with Inflatable Trampolines

You can get inflatable trampolines that are fully enclosed for extra safety where children are concerned. It may still be a good idea to include crash mats on the ground around your trampoline though. What the inflatable surround offers you is an absence of sharp corners and parts that could injure young children if they lose their balance.

Since inflatable trampolines intended for use on the ground are generally used by children, some of them have a limit to the weight they can carry. If you're buying a trampoline for use by the whole family, ask about any weight limitations before you make a purchase.

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