Jumpking Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many people who take their trampolining seriously tend to go for Jumpking trampolines. Quite simply, these trampolines are made with jumpers in mind. The larger, more robust springs (up to 25 percent longer than those used by other makes) used by Jumpking give a deeper, softer bounce, and this benefit is cited again and again by users.

Jumpking Superiority

Jumpking frames are constructed of only eight pieces, which is another factor that makes them more robust and very easy to assemble. The galvanized steel frame gives a greater level of rust resistance which is important if your trampoline will be outside. In addition, they have large wheels that will enable you to move your trampoline across the lawn with ease.

The distinctive "W" shaped legs used by Jumpking circular trampolines give added stability, which is always a plus. Of course you can rely on Jumpking jumping mats to be tough, resilient and to contribute to the overall quality of your bounce. The pad that covers the springs is thicker and wider on a Jumpking trampoline, assuring your safety at all times.

Jumpkings make an impressive range of different sizes of trampoline. The smallest is the 38 inch rebounder. Although small, these are surprisingly useful for exercise for the whole family. Bouncing is fun and highly beneficial to your health. For a bit more bounce you can get a 6'6" trampoline. This will give hours of fun to children and adults alike. Then again, if you're determined to get as much out of your trampolining time as possible, go for a larger 14' or 15' Jumpking trampoline. These will give you versatility as well as tremendous fun, and can be used by anyone.

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