Kids' Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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All kids love to be on a trampoline. Once they've tried it once, they're hooked. It's simply so much fun. It's also good for them, providing there is adequate supervision. What many child development experts are just beginning to discover is that rebounding can bring many benefits apart from the happiness and fun that's expected.

Used correctly, a trampoline can have some pretty spectacular benefits. Almost imperceptibly, the act of bouncing can stimulate circulation and strengthen muscles. What most people don't realize is that it can also stimulate the all-important hand and eye coordination.

Stimulating Hand and Eye Coordination

The process of gaining control over their physical movement is known by child development experts to also stimulate the ability to learn. Children who lag behind in the area of physical coordination can receive a tremendous boost to their progress with a little trampoline therapy. Rebounding is highly recommended for any child who has difficulty with coordination.

Never leave a child or children alone while using a trampoline though. They need the closest supervision to avoid accidents. Children are known for finding "different ways of doing things." Those different ways can spell disaster if they're on a trampoline. A good kids' trampoline will have plenty of room for them to bounce on, and will have sturdy, robust parts. It is also essential to have plenty of padding and trampoline mats around to cushion their fall if necessary.

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