Rectangle Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For competition purposes you will have noticed that rectangle trampolines are easily the most popular. They're also very popular for home and informal use. There are many reasons for this. Experts primarily cite the improved bounce that they say you get with a rectangle trampoline. This has to do with the effect of the springs; if you doubt it you have merely to try the different types of trampoline--round, square, rectangular, octagonal and even twelve-sided.

World trampoline championships have been held since 1964, and kids start training at a very young age for these events. So if your child shows an inclination to take trampolining to the next level, buying a rectangle trampoline will allow practice to continue uninterrupted at home. Any other kind of trampoline will not provide the same type of bounce, and will mean that practice does not give the same experience as the event itself.

Why Rectangular?

If you're buying for a school or gym, rectangle trampolines are almost always the first choice. As already mentioned, there's the superior bounce that this shape gives. In addition though, a rectangular shape gives the most economic use of space. Since space is nearly always an issue, rectangle trampolines are popular across the board.

Remember that rectangular trampolines are for single person use only. All the usual safety rules apply: use plenty of crash mats around your trampoline, and make sure that the protective frame pads are always in place and in good condition. Whether for home use or public use, trampolines should be inspected for signs of wear and tear regularly so that any problems can be dealt with promptly before they become a safety issue.

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