Rectangular Trampolines

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Rectangular trampolines are not for beginners. They are not made the same as round ones, nor are they the same shape. Yet is there any real difference between the two shapes? The answer is a resounding, yes.

What's the Difference between Rectangular Trampolines and Round Ones?

Typically, rectangular trampolines are for the advanced person. Beyond the shape difference, rectangular trampolines offer the jumper different characteristics. They have larger, more flexible springs to allow for higher jumps. They are longer than they are wide, so the jumper can perform different maneuvers on the rectangular trampoline than on the round ones.

Rectangular trampolines are more for the gymnast than the average backyard jumper. They aren't constructed to keep the jumper in the center as the round ones do. This shape is far more conducive to flips and summersaults without injury, and offers the ability to take a step or two before jumping. This adds to the ability to get higher into the air, and higher means more maneuvering while up there.

The rectangular trampoline isn't for most kids to play with. This is a serious training tool for the gymnast. You see them more in professional gyms than backyards, and they serve a great purpose for the serious athlete. Yet, no matter how advanced the jumper is, never jump alone. It just makes better sense to have a spotter handy, no matter how advanced you are.

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