Round Trampolines

Written by Donald Sparacin
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While rectangular trampolines are for the serious athlete, round trampolines are for fun. Round trampolines are designed to keep the jumper toward the center of the jumping surface. This is the safest place to be when bouncing, and even the novice will find that it can be safe, fun and exhilarating. The best part of round trampolines is they are far less expensive than rectangular ones.

What to Look for in Round Trampolines

Lots of manufacturers sell round trampolines, but they aren't all built to the same specifications. Price should never be the determining factor in buying round trampolines, safety should. Look for a manufacturer that makes a corresponding trampoline enclosure. When the same company makes both they are usually designed to work together in a harmonious combination of strength, durability, and ultimately better safety.

Look for trampolines that have a high UV rating. The trampoline will be outside in the elements, and they can become damaged by the sun's rays the same way we can. Too much exposure to UV rays can wear out many essential parts, and ultimately the trampoline can become unsafe. Some companies build a UV shield into the design of their round trampolines to protect against this problem, and their warranties will reflect their faith in the product. A 90-day warranty tells you that you're dealing with the wrong company.

When shopping for trampolines look closely at the stitching and the way that the jumping surface is attached to the springs. The more rows of stitching, the better that trampoline will resist tearing. Look for a secure method of spring attachment as well. Too often the punch-through grommets on the jumping surface will cause a tear that you might not notice until it's too late. Remember to shop for quality rather than price alone and you find that you've purchased a safer trampoline.

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