Round Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Round trampolines are very popular with those who have small children. For one thing, they are easier to fit with safety enclosures or netting. In addition, a round trampoline can have a targeted jumping mat that will enable users to gauge their distance from the edge. This can be important for beginners and younger users.

For the most fun and practicality, get the biggest trampoline you can afford and have room for. Your trampoline will be an expensive piece of equipment. Quality components are costly and to economize would be to risk getting an item that may not be as robust and sturdy as it needs to be.

Round Trampolines for the Whole Family

If you want a trampoline that will be suitable for the whole family, then round is probably the best option. Most gardens can take a 10' model, and these trampolines go up to 16'. While you can get 2'and 4' round trampolines, you'll want at least a 10' model if you want your trampoline to be usable by adults. A 2' round trampoline is a rebounder and cannot be used as a trampoline.

To give a special needs child the many advantages that come with trampolining, you'll probably need to jump with him or her. It's usually a safety issue, but this can be a quality experience for both of you as well. Experts list many benefits that come with the use of a trampoline, including better hand-eye coordination, better communication skills, and better balance. There are more advantages, but just these three will show you how trampolining can give children a boost they could use.

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