Square Trampolines

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The bounce on a square trampoline is not going to be as good as that which you'd get with a rectangular trampoline. Experts say that the square models are similar to round trampolines as far as bounce is concerned. If you want to take your trampolining seriously then you should consider buying a rectangular one rather than one that is square.

Of course, there are reasons to buy a square model over other shapes. Despite their comparatively harsh bounce, one big advantage to a square trampoline is that it is spatially economical. If you're determined to make the most of trampolining in a limited space, then square would be a good choice for you. A round trampoline may seem more attractive, but remember that effectively it takes up a lot more garden space.

What Size Square Trampoline?

An eight-foot square trampoline would be perfect for children just starting out. If they are older or more experienced, they'll probably demand a larger size. You can get 10', 12' and 14' square trampolines. If an adult is planning to use the trampoline it should be a minimum of 10'.

As with just about any other shape of trampoline, you can get a full range of accessories for your square trampoline. For small children a safety enclosure is a good idea, and lots of crash mats will never go amiss. Always take the precaution of tracking down a supply of trampoline extras for your trampoline before they become necessary; once any type of damage has occurred to a trampoline it should not be used as it may pose a hazard.

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