Trampoline Accessories

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline accessories can include everything from toys to safety products. Trampoline accessories can also include additional padding and other enhancements to the unit itself. We will discuss some of the more popular trampoline accessories that people buy, and perhaps you might find them useful for your own trampoline.

Popular Trampoline Accessories

The most popular of all trampoline accessories is also the best thing for you to buy. The trampoline enclosure can save you and your kids from unnecessary time in a hospital emergency room. These should become mandatory for the good that they do in preventing injury. They attach to the outside of the trampoline and keep you from falling off. Falling off is the cause of the most severe injuries you can experience on a trampoline.

Plastic and soft rubber balls are popular accessories that everyone seems to buy. Kids use them to play dodge ball, or to have contests trying to catch the high thrown ones. Just be sure that the balls you use are soft so they won't hurt anyone that gets hit in the face or head, as they most likely will.

Basketball hoops are especially popular for boys and young men to get the feeling of an NBA professional. There's just something about being able to slam-dunk a ball into a hoop that appeals to most guys. Many companies offer game-packs that include all sorts of ideas for fun safe play on a trampoline. Some even provide books or videos to help you structure the play to insure safety.

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