Trampoline Assembly

Written by Donald Sparacin
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For almost anyone that can use a wrench, trampoline assembly should be a snap. You'll probably need two people to put the frame together and attach it to the legs, but other than for those particular parts of the process one person should have no trouble finishing the project in an afternoon. Wear gloves when working on the frame sections, as they can and probably will be a little sharp in some places. We can't possibly give you all of different trampoline assembly procedures for every possible type, shape, and size trampoline here, but we will cover some of the basics of a round one below.

A Brief Overview of Trampoline Assembly

Begin by reading the trampoline assembly instructions that come with every unit before you do anything. While most of us tend to ignore this step, it is essential so don't! Begin by finding the right place to position the trampoline. You'll need level ground with clearance of about 25 feet above the ground for jumping, so look out for overhead wires, tree limbs and other obstructions. Keep it a good distance away from any walls, structures, pools, fences, and other lateral hazards. And most importantly, make sure where you set it up is protected from uninvited users.

Begin your assembly by laying out all of the rail pieces in the shape of the trampoline. This will give you the orientation, and you won't be looking for missing pieces later. Assemble the rail sections as per the instructions. When you place the last rail piece in place you will probably need another person to help. Assemble the leg sections as per instructions, and with the help of another person attach it to the completed rail.

Attaching the springs can be easier if you use another spring to pull the one you are installing. Again, follow the instructions to place all of the springs. You really need to follow the instructions on spring placement or you'll never be able to get the last ones attached. Once you've got the springs attached, all you need to do is attach the frame cover and begin to enjoy your trampoline. Now, wasn't trampoline assembly easier than you thought it was going to be?

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