Trampoline Balls

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline balls make great accessories for the fun of trampolining. Kids, balls and jumping just seem to go together perfectly. What better accompaniment for a trampoline than balls? When you get them, make sure your trampoline balls are soft and safe.

Trampoline Balls for Games

Trampoline balls are used for many trampoline games. Basketball is one particular use for trampoline balls. It's really fun for kids and adults alike to be able to jump high and slam-dunk that ball into the hoop. Trampolines provide everyone with the opportunity to jump higher than the pros and perform stunts that even the pros would envy.

Many kids enjoy playing a game of trampoline dodge ball. They love the ability to jump and spread their legs to avoid getting hit. The trampoline balls used for this type of game should be soft, as they will eventually find their way into the jumper's face. Also, be sure that the play is always supervised when using the trampoline.

Many youngsters also enjoy bouncing on a trampoline atop one of those large balls with the handles. These balls are fun for kids on solid ground, but when used on a trampoline they take on another whole new dimension. The child hangs onto the handle and begins to bounce. The trampoline adds to the bounce effect and the child finds himself or herself propelled toward much greater heights. Buy them one or two and just enjoy the giggles and laughs.

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