Trampoline Boards

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you or your kids are planning to use your trampoline to practice any kind of "boarding" activities, such as skate boarding, snow boarding or wake boarding, you need a special trampoline board to help you on your way. Unfortunately, many on the market are very hard on the jump mat of your trampoline. Some of them can even cause punctures or tears that could pose a hazard.

Look for lightweight trampoline boards that are of the right size for the person using them. A good trampoline board will bend to the shape of the jumping mat without difficulty, and spring immediately back to shape once it leaves the surface of the trampoline. This flexibility is important if you want to protect your jumping mat.

A Gift of a Trampoline Board

A trampoline board could be a great gift for any young person who loves skate boarding or any similar activity. They can then practice all their "new moves" in the safety of the backyard on the trampoline. Then when they finally perform, they'll have the confidence and experience necessary to avoid accidents.

As a consumer you should be aware that some trampoline manufacturers will consider their warranty voided if trampoline boards are used. If your trampoline is still under warranty, you should check to make sure that use of a trampoline board won't cause you a problem should you need to make a claim under your warranty. If you are in any doubt, check with the trampoline manufacturer.

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