Trampoline Comparisons

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline comparisons are necessary to decide which trampoline will be the safest for your family and the one that will serve you the longest. Unfortunately there aren't too many places that will objectively rate and review all trampolines that you may want to consider purchasing. Frankly, there are many types, sizes, and shapes of trampolines, and each will have different aspects that may or may not be of concern to you, the consumer. Below, you will find some aspects that are worth considering before you select a trampoline for your own use.

What to Look for in Trampoline Comparisons

The first aspect of trampoline comparisons should be safety. Does the manufacturer stress safety features or price as the foremost aspect of their product? Look for the trampoline that has an integrated safety enclosure that was made specifically for the trampoline you are considering. Also look for the manufacturer that has possibly received a safety patent on one or more of their products. This will tell you that safety is of utmost importance to that company.

Next, check for the length of the warranty on the product you are considering. If a trampoline company will only offer a 90-day warranty, while others will stand behind their product for a year or more, that should speak volumes as to how the product was made. Also look for other durability aspects like UV protection, thickness of padding, and spring quality. These are some of the areas that some manufacturers skimp on to keep their prices low.

Other items to include in trampoline comparisons are things like mat stitch count. Do they have two or three rows of stitching, or eight or ten? Are the grommets that hold the mat to the springs strong enough to hold up to continuous bouncing, or will they tear? Are the springs a strong metal that won't loosen or sag, or a cheap rubber that can break? Are the legs strong and securely held together or are they weak and simply a male-female push together type? Ask the salesman these questions or check the websites for this kind of information and you will begin to realize that not all trampolines are created equal.

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