Trampoline Covers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The main purpose in using a trampoline cover is to prolong the life of your trampoline. Not to use a trampoline cover is simply to neglect the protection of your investment. Since trampolines are expensive items, particular quality models, it makes sense to protect them from the weather and other elements.

Amazingly, even the stitching on the jumping mat will deteriorate much more quickly if continuously exposed to the elements. It stands to reason that even a rust resistant frame will rust eventually if not protected from moisture. Dust and leaves, if allowed to settle on the trampoline will make it a lot less pleasant to use, and will hasten deterioration of all the components including frame, springs, jumping mat and pads.

Trampoline Closed for Business

Some users point to other benefits in using trampoline covers though. It can be tiresome and difficult to limit the time your children spend on the trampoline if they love it--and they're sure to love it! Covering it will ensure that everyone will know when the trampoline is "closed for business." In addition, it will prevent accidents from kids playing on the trampoline when there's no adult to supervise.

It makes sense to buy the best quality trampoline cover you can. Cheap ones will tear quickly, and if there's even a small tear, the protective qualities will be negated. Buying one heavy duty cover will seem like an economy if you opt for a cheap one and have to buy several within a very short space of time.

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