Trampoline Enclosures

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Trampoline enclosures are net-like surrounds that keep jumpers from falling off of the trampoline. They offer peace of mind to parents of children that don't always follow the rules of trampoline safety, and have prevented many injuries since their development. All a parent needs is to see their youngster bounce incorrectly then be propelled back into the center by the trampoline enclosures to know that it was a good idea to install it.

Trampoline Enclosures Are Not All Created Equal

While many manufacturers make trampoline enclosures, not all trampoline enclosures are constructed for the ultimate in trampoline safety. Some have door-like sides that can fail when they are most needed. Even worse, many kids are so anxious to get bouncing that they frequently forget to close the door. You just know that if there's going to be an awkward bounce, it's going to be in the direction of the open door. Instead, look for trampoline enclosures that make you slip through an overlap where it meets the bouncing surface.

Many trampoline enclosures are held in place with poles that can bend too easily or break. Some are rigid and inflexible and can cause injury by bouncing into them. They may give you the impression that they are sturdy, and indeed they are, but will they prevent injury or cause it? Instead, look for strong padded poles that will flex slightly if hit by the jumper, yet maintain their holding strength. Also, insist on a top cap that won't shatter on impact or lose its strength by UV exposure.

Lastly, remember that dad will probably want to use the trampoline as well as the kids. Don't buy a trampoline enclosure that will hold your 50-pound son inside and not his 250-pound dad. As the heading says, not all trampoline enclosures are created equal. Make sure to find the right one for your family, and please, don't skimp on trampoline safety. It just isn't worth it.

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